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Zain Jeewanjee, a renaissance in motion across the world of business. Zain is a globally acclaimed serial entrepreneur living up to his commitment to bring continuous innovation in everyday businesses for the last 40 years.  His word is his brand promise. His businesses have served millions of customers in the United States and beyond with an ambition to create 100,000 jobs globally so people can earn with integrity.

Integrity | Innovation | Giving

The Man Himself

Jeewanjee Insurance has grown to become one of America’s largest, most-respected insurance brokers, serving businesses all across the country. A true one-stop shop for all domestic and global commercial insurance, group benefits, and companies and individuals’ risk insurance needs.

Founder & CEO

Provide protection for rideshare companies, cyber liability, E&O, special events, sports, commercial buildings, business and professional liability coverage, trucking insurance, and much more. Licensed in every state in the USA, represent over 197 insurance carriers in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.


Servinz, established in 2023, is a staffing solutions company that delivers a diversity of integral options to insurance providers across the globe. The company is at the forefront of technological advancements & facilitation of software-oriented solutions relevant to the insurance industry.

Co-Founder & Partner

The largest writer of Sports Insurance across the USA. It provides coverage for specific events or gatherings.

Founder & Chairman

Go One Global Corp, s known for its Global Medical Insurance Products and Online Travel Insurance Products globally, with Partners such as Metlife, Go, among the 1000’s sites that re-sell G1G Travel Insurance which is licensed in 50 state in USA.



In 1971 a young 16yr old “Zain Jeewanjee” introduced “SHAFT CLOTHING” and designed ready to wear Shalwar Kameez for Karachi’s elite, this started the trend in Pakistan for ready made clothing for men, closely followed by TJ’s and others.


Trucking Insurance Brokerage for Fleets, Owner Operated, Trailers and Trucks.

Work for excellence not completion

- Zain Jeewanjee

Member of the CAPP Advisory Board
Offering specialized knowledge, skills, and expertise in areas relevant to the organization’s mission.
Charter Member
Providing mentorship, guidance, and support to entrepreneurs and startups, leveraging their own experience and expertise to help others succeed in their entrepreneurial journeys.
Charter Member
Involved in shaping vision, mission, and strategic direction
Development: Assisting with fundraising efforts, leveraging personal and professional networks, and helping to identify potential sources of funding
Member of the Board of Advisors
Contributing to the development of the organization’s strategic plan.

“Scale cannot be achieved
without expanding your
circle of responsibility”

- Zain Jeewanjee

Innovation Spree

Bringing change through
smart ideas innovative technologies
and reforming business.


“Everything happens in my life three days prior. If you’re here, you’ve become part of my time machine”

Make a wish

Zain's Story

Shakers & Shapers



“I was 8 years old, my skull cracked open and I was tied up to a bed for 90 days. I watched everyone going about their life while I could not move an inch. I missed out on many things but was granted the never-dying gratitude for the ability to move, to work, to create, to innovate.”



“My birth name was Nasheen. I used to be shy, quiet and mellow. Then out of the blue, I rebranded myself and my personality changed, as always I was given something a little sooner, which was needed to for the next phase of my life.”



“From Kenya to Pakistan to USA. At a very young age we migrated with our parents, settled in Karachi. Most of our relatives were business families and I studied with the likes of Former President of Pakistan and many other business leaders of today. Fell in love, got married and my second son was not well. I traveled on a jump seat, thanks to the Captain of Lufthansa Airlines who somehow managed to take us on his flight and I was able to make it to my son’s doctor’s appointment in United States.”



“Foreign land, family and hospital bills – I had to earn. Worked 20+ hours at a gas station and other odd jobs and my son was in the hospital. I slept on the wheel and had a bad car accident, woke up in the hospital 2 days later and my wife told me that we lost our son. Every morning praying and conversing with God was what kept me sane. Life lesson: Surrender and it will all fall in place.”


Hardwork & luck

“I was selling shirts and ties to a customer and he put me in insurance sales. Three months later I landed a multi-million dollar contract for that company which threw everyone into disbelief until the monies hit the account. This was purely a stroke of luck fueled with consistent efforts. Law of attraction, well may be.”



“I incorporated Insure 123 with a vision to leverage on technology and bring innovation in the very old-fashioned insurance sector. This is when I seized contracts nationwide with a simple marketing formula, wow your customer. Always deliver value through speed, credibility and impeccable customer service.”



“Internet and computers made way in our lives and we adopted emails and multichannel marketing. We innovated processes to quote faster than anyone else. We were on dot com when my industry peers were busy discussing about the future of internet. Business lesson: first mover advantage is a result of being the first to decide.”

"Clarity is the queen which
makes customer a king."

Look through the lens of Zain’s Signature Eyewear.

Zain Recommends

Must Reads

Bob Burg and John David Mann

The Go-Giver Leader

The Go-Giver Influencer is a story about two young, ambitious businesspeople: Gillian Waters, the chief buyer for Smith & Banks, a midsized company that operates a national chain of pet accessory stores; and Jackson Hill, the founder of Angels Clothed in Fur, a small but growing manufacturer of all-natural pet foods.

Tim Storey

The Miracle Mentality

During challenging times, toxic thoughts can drag you into a mindset that’s mundane, messy, and mad. Negative thinking can undermine all aspects of your life, from family and romantic relationships to career satisfaction, financial stability, and physical and spiritual health.


Get Inspired



The Winning Entrepreneur

A Friends & Family party at Terminal™, hosted by imma with DJ sets by Noah Dillon and Hank Korsan.



A Friends & Family party at Terminal™, hosted by imma with DJ sets by Noah Dillon and Hank Korsan.



A Friends & Family party at Terminal™, hosted by imma with DJ sets by Noah Dillon and Hank Korsan.


Spark & Forge


"My temp jobs, my businesses, my innovative ventures were all a "Jugaar", but my integrity and grit made it successful against all odds. I put my all in it consistently each time. "

- Zain Jeewanjee

“Jugaar” is a slang word in India/Pakistan which encompasses reverse innovation, on-the-spot thinking, quick fix-up to big mess ups, a shortcut which is a necessity in that moment and also an out of the box approach for survival. Interestingly it has both a negative and positive connotation, but in short, it is a concept which potentially compromises integrity and is hardly sustainable.

You really have to put yourself in the environment of a developing nation with over population, lack of resources and ruling bodies are not providing even the most basic of life’s necessities or opportunities to earn. Where there are no safety nets, no insurance policies and time and again, one finds himself in trouble, like you are free falling from a cliff. In that exact moment when it looks like the end is near and you are even beyond the ‘fight or flight’, all your faith, intelligence and perseverance combine forces and come up with ‘Jugaar’, so you can put all your energy to this fix that just came to you and live for another day.

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